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Bemidji City Council to discuss naming group to discussion community sustainability

The Bemidji City Council on Monday will consider the creation of a new city task force.

Councilor Onen Markeson and City Manager John Chattin have been working together toward establishing a means to ensure the sustainability of the community's natural resources, according to an agenda report regarding the task force.

The goal is to "formulate recommendations for the preservation and protection of the area's ecosystems and natural resources so that our use of natural resources is in balance for nature's ability to replenish them," according to the agenda report.

The Bemidji Sustainability Task Force is proposed to consist of two council members, two representatives from Bemidji State University's faculty or staff, two city staff members, two BSU students, one representative of the Bemidji Youth Advisory Committee and three city residents.

The 12-member group would make recommendations consistent with the goal and would have a nominal budget to cover clerical costs, the report said. Meetings would be held at Bemidji City Hall.

If recommendations result in measurable savings for the city, the task force is proposed to receive half of those savings for its use, the report said.

The council is expected to consider on Monday whether to name individuals to the task force or to implement an application process, the report said.

Other agenda items for Monday's City Council meeting include:

-- Discussion of the Bemidji Public Library budget with Marian Ridge, the Kitchigami Regional Library director.

-- Discussion of the reconstruction project for Bemidji Avenue.

-- Discussion of $2,000 in seed money for the Greater Bemidji Area Joint Planning Board.

-- An update from Headwaters Regional Development Commission about the events center.