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Man killed by Red Lake police officer

A 19-year-old Redby man was shot and killed Saturday morning by a Red Lake Department of Public Safety police officer, according to the FBI.

The man was shot after he was observed to be pointing an AK-47 at the police officer, said Paul McCabe, an FBI spokesman.

The incident remains under investigation, and an autopsy and forensic reports are still being completed, McCabe said.

The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave, according to the Red Lake Department of Public Safety.

Neither the officer nor the 19-year-old was identified.

McCabe said the Red Lake department received three separate calls at around 6:50 a.m. Saturday in regards to shots being fired in the Redby area.

An officer saw a vehicle leaving the area and attempted to follow it, but lost visual contact, McCabe said.

A "shot while later" the vehicle was spotted by the same officer near Red Lake, McCabe said.

The officer attempted to get the vehicle to stop, and it did momentarily, but then took off again, driving a short distance before turning onto a residential driveway, McCabe said.

The driver was ordered out of the vehicle, and he complied, McCabe said.

When the officer approached the vehicle, the passenger "did not comply with the officer's demands," McCabe said.

The passenger allegedly pointed an AK-47 at the officer and then there was gun fire, McCabe said, but what specifically occurred remains under investigation. The passenger at one point got out of the vehicle and gun fire continued, McCabe said.

The 19-year-old man died at the scene, McCabe said.