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Brown charged for shooting at another man

Raymond Robert Brown, 48, of Minneapolis, was charged on Monday with endangerment by firearm discharge, a felony, for allegedly shooting at a man while inside a cabin on Sunday.

According to the criminal complaint, police were called at 5:47 a.m. Sunday to the 28700 block of Kodiak Drive Northwest for a report of a man discharging a gun at other people while inside a cabin.

The man who called police said Brown had fired a pistol at him when he entered the cabin in which Brown was sleeping, the complaint said.

Police learned that a group of people had gathered at the home for a party, and the home is a resort with multiple cabins within a short distance of one another, the complaint said. The resort is not open to the public.

The complaint said people were drinking at the party, and the caller was intoxicated when he spoke with police.

Police officers had some difficulty, but were able to convince Brown to come out of the cabin, the complaint said. They then discovered a bullet hole near the only door into the cabin.

The bullet hole was about four feet, eight inches from the floor and had gone through the wall at an upward angle, the complaint said.

Police located the gun from which the bullet was fired and identified it as a .357 magnum revolver, the complaint said.

Brown admitted that he had fired the gun at the man when he entered the cabin, the complaint said.

Brown was arrested, and a check of his criminal history revealed that he had been convicted of carrying a weapon without a permit in Hennepin County and earlier was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon in Eau Claire, Wis., the complaint said.