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Wilson charged with burglary, auto theft and possession of a firearm

Melvin Mitch Wilson, 25, of Blackduck. was charged on Friday with third-degree burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

According to the criminal complaint, a Beltrami County Sheriff's Department officer was driving along County Road 15 on Thursday when he passed an abandoned vehicle and saw a man walking north on Irvine Avenue. The office asked the man, later identified as Wilson, where he was headed and if he would like a ride. He said he was going to Red Lake and that, yes, he would like a ride.

The officer asked for identification, and Wilson handed him a Red Lake Tribal Identification Card. When the officer ran Wilson's name through dispatch, he learned that he had three outstanding warrants for his arrest, the complaint said.

The officer also learned that the abandoned vehicle was a 2002 Pontiac out of Illinois. According to the complaint, when the officer asked Wilson if he knew anything about the vehicle or if he had been driving it, Wilson became defensive and wanted the officer to remove the handcuffs so they could fight man to man. When the officer informed him that was not going to happen, Wilson got upset and banged his head against the glass partition, the complaint said, and blood began to come out of his forehead. The officer called for another unit, as he did not have first-aid supplies on hand.

While they were waiting for another unit, the complaint said that Wilson told the officer that there were four guns behind a tree near the squad car. After further questioning, the complaint said that Wilson admitted he had been dropped off at Wal-Mart by some friends and was walking along Irvine Avenue when we went into Pine Ridge Auto Sales. Once inside, he told the officer, the complaint said, that he tried to steal a couple of different cars before taking the Grand Am. He also admitted, according to the complaint, stealing four guns from inside the shop and that he planned to sell them in Red Lake.

Wilson told the officer, the complaint said, that he was driving the Grand Am about 110 to 120 mph when it became hot and stopped working.

When the second unit arrived, Wilson was taken to North Country Regional Hospital for treatment for his head wound and then booked at the Beltrami County Jail.

The complaint also said that Wilson was found to be wearing a black shirt and black pants and was carrying a ripped up black sweatshirt. Black fibers were found at Pine Ridge near a broken window, the complaint said.