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Letter: Joe Biden, a good, smart man. Vote him for president

I love them all: Obama, Hillary, Edwards, Richardson, Dennis K. and Dodd. Believe me, I'll vote for whomever the Democrat Party nominates. It's been such an awful few years, with a new war, guys dying, all our money saved by Clinton gone, and billions more that we are in hock for, so I'd vote for any of them.

However, my main man is Joe Biden. He talks but he talks real knowledge, real hands-on experience and real common sense. In the name of all that's holy can we give ourselves a break, can we smarten up, can we nominate and elect the right guy? He's experienced, years in places of power where he has been a voice of reason and integrity. Most importantly, he has given us good governance.

He and my brother, Jack O'Brien of Sioux City, Iowa, got to like and trust each other in Biden's first campaign in Iowa 10 years ago. Jack died of cancer of the pancreas and at the end of his funeral, as the priest left the altar, first one and then all the O'Briens lost it and ran wailing to the back of the church.

There stood Joe Biden with his brother Frankie; they had flown in a small plane in December to the funeral. We were all wailing but we were morally comforted by their presence. He's that kid of guy. Name of heaven, I wish we could elect him president. He's a good, smart man. Vote for him.

Patricia O'Brien Aiken

Annapolis, Md.