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Wrestlers host Hibbing

The Bemidji Lumberjacks wrestlers try to regroup tonight when they return to the mats, hosting Hibbing at 6 p.m. at the field house.

The match will begin early at Hibbing's request with the varsity and B Team matches held simultaneously on adjoining mats.

Hibbing requests the format to enable the Bluejackets to get an earlier start home.

The two teams appear to be evenly matched. Bemidji is 4-2 in duals and Hibbing 5-4-1 on the mat, actually 6-4 after winning the tie with Aitkin on criteria.

Against one common foe, Forest Lake, Hibbing lost 48-15 and Bemidji 46-16.

Bemidji won last year at Hibbing 37-33, clinching on Dan Sorby's pin at 215.

Hibbing, like Brainerd and Grand Rapids, dates back to Bemidji's first year on the mat in 1956 when the two teams divided their two matches, Bemidji winning the first 26-23 on Bernie Fossand's closing pin and Hibbing taking the second 25-23 when Fossand was held to a draw. Crosby-Ironton is the only other team from that year still wrestling with both Chisholm and Coleraine giving up the sport.

Chisholm's heavyweight that year, Howie Schultz, was later to become Bemidji's mat coach.

Bemidji is coming into play off a long weekend, losing twice Friday to Forest Lake and Simley and finishing a distant fifth Saturday at the Cambridge Invitational.

No lineup changes were planned from the ones used at Cambridge.

Fifth at Cambridge

The Bemidji Lumberjacks wrestlers took fifth place Saturday at the Bluejacket Invitational at Cambridge.

Cambridge retained its title with 221.5 points to 183.5 for Elk River. Brainerd and Champlin Park were third and fourth.

Bemidji topped the second division with 119, barely nosing out Grand Rapids which finished with 118.5. Blaine and Princeton trailed.

Bemidji placed eight wrestlers including titles from Joe Andersen and Kaleb Young.

Brandon Bahr and Jake Sorby bowed in the finals while Aaron Olson was third.

Lance Richter and Travis Utley were fifth and Dale Davy sixth.

But the Jacks lacked the depth at the lower weights to stay in contention. They also had no entrants at 119 and heavyweight.

Through the first eight weights they went 4-16 with all four wins in the wrestlebacks.

Through the next five weights they went 12-3 with four finalists and one third.

But it was too little, too late to make up the deficit.

Andersen pinned his way to the finals where he decisioned Dalton Lilledahl of Cambridge 11-3 for the 152 title

Young had a first round bye, pinned his second opponent and took the title at 189 with a 10-5 win over Matt O'Connor of Cambridge.

Bahr advanced on two falls before bowing to Ross Dankers of Cambridge 12-7 in the 171 title match.

Sorby had a fall and decision before being pinned by Tyler Hemmesch of Cambridge in the 215 title match. Hemmesch is the state's second ranked wrestler.

Olson was decisioned by champion Chris Sjodin of Cambridge after a first round fall but came back with two decisions to take third.

Utley drew a bye in the wrestlebacks to reach the fifth place match where he pinned Chris Padrnos of Brainerd.

Richter won his first wrestleback, lost his second but decisioned Luke Kennedy of Blaine 6-0 for fifth.

Davy scored a fall in his first wrestleback, lost his second and dropped a TF to Dez Dower of Champlin Park in the fifth place match.

Bemidji went 0-2 in its other four weights.

Fall at Forest Lake

The Bemidji Lumberjacks wrestling team stepped into the major leagues Friday at Forest Lake and saw its dual match unbeaten string ended.

The Jacks dropped their opener to Bob Dettmer's Rangers 46-16 and fell to Simley 54-21.

It dropped the Jacks to 4-2 on the year.

Again the Jacks fell far behind at the start but for the first time were unable to make up the deficits at the upper weights.

Forest Lake took a 34-3 lead in the first eight bouts, Dale Norton preventing a shutout with an 8-2 victory at 13-0.

Joe Andersen's major, Brandon Bahr's pin and a 5-3 verdict from Kaleb Young added the final 13 points.

Young's win came over Luke Mankelwitz, the No. 2 ranked wrestler in the state.

Andersen beat the No. 4 ranked grappler at 152. Norton's foe was rated tenth.

Against Simley, the Jacks trailed 42-0 after eight bouts.

Andersen's major, Bahr's fall, a TF by Young and Sorby's pin recorded the 21 points .

The Andersen-Zach Delong match pitted the state's No. 1 and 6 wrestlers against each other. Seth Dremmel, Travis Utley, Trevor Lyseng and Lance Richter lost to state-ranked opponents.

Simley was rated sixth, Forest Lake ninth and Bemidji 12th in the latest Guillotine poll.

JV second

The Bemidji JV wrestling team reached the final of the Cambridge Invitational Saturday before falling to Cambridge.

It gained the title match with wins over Elk River and Blaine.

In Friday's triangular it fell to Forest Lake 40-34 and Simley 54-30.

The 2-3 split left Bemidji at 4-4 on the year prior to Tuesday's match with Hibbing.

It wrestled without a 140 pounder or heavyweight at Cambridge.

It forfeited three to five weights at the triangular.

Against Forest Lake, Bemidji was tied 34-34 before forfeiting the heavyweight match.

Rob Mason, Corey Huber, Evan Olson, Alex Willard and Steve Masterson had pins for 30 of Bemidji's points. Colton Doty had a major.

Three forfeits gave the winners 18 of their points.

Bemidji forfeited five weights against Simley getting falls from Rob Mason, Derek Lofgren, Cody Ashton, Olson and Willard for its total.

At Cambridge, Huber, Johnson, Olson and Willard had falls in the Elk River win while Masterson had a major in the Elk River win .

In the Blaine win, Doty, Rob Mason, Ashton, Cody Gardner, Huber, Wes Mason, Olson and Willard posted pins. Andrew Vaughn and Lofgren had majors.

In the title match, Lofgren, Huber and Wes Mason had falls and Doty, Olson, Willard and Masterson decisions.


103-Ben Morgan, FL TF over Luke Bruns 4:47

112-Luke Opsahl, FL pinned Dale Davy 4:32

119-Kevin Nelson, FL won by forfeit

125-Andy Kolbow, FL pinned Seth Dremmel 3:31

130-Dale Norton, Bem. decisioned Charlie Jenssen 8-2

135-Shawn Saxe, FL TF over Trevor Lyseng 4:20

140-Nick Zemke, FL decisioned Lance Richter 6-4

145-Lee Smith, FL decisioned Travis Utley 11-4

152-Joe Andersen, Bem. decisioned Bran don Yetter 15-5

160-Brent Kolbow, FL decisioned Aaron Olson 3-1

171-Bradon Bahr, Bem. pinned Caleb Carrow 1:47

189- Kaleb Young, Bem. decisioned Luke Mankelwitz 5-3

215-Trevor Osterbauer, FL decisioned Jake Sorby 5-4

Hwt. Forest Lake won by forfeit


103-Cole Jensen, Sim. pinned Bruns 0:55

112-Tommy Glenn, Sim. pinned Davy 3;27

119-Kyle Bulera, Sim. pinned Andrew Vaughn 1:54

125-Jake Tabbert pinned Dremmel 2:49

130-Jack Barnes, Sim. Decisioned Norton 4-3

135-John Drokopowicz, Sim. TF over Lyseng 4:15

140-Kurt Knutsen, Sim. decisioned Richter 18-8

145-Brian Watnid, Sim. Pinned Utley 2:13

152-Andersen, Bem. decisioned Zach Delong 19-8

160-Mic Berg, Sim. pinn4d Olson 2:34

171-Bahr, Bem. pinned Brandon Miller 0:56

189-Young, Bem. TF over 4:13

215-Sorby pinned Ryan Kovacs 1:10

Hwt.-Charlie Delhaye, Sim. won by forfeit



Team totals; Cambridge 221.5, Elk River 183.5, Brainerd 166.5, Champlin Park 164, Bemidji 119, Grand Rapids 118.5, Blaine 98.5, Princeton 57

Championship Matches

103-Tyler Stevens, EL defeated Paul Thao Blaine

112-Scott Padrnos, Brd, defeated Zach Bainville, GR

119- Ehrhorn, Brd. defeated Kyle Muetzel, ER

125-Tyler Jensen, Brd. defeated Chad Larsen, Cam.

130-Nate Rubin, Brd. defeated Alex Geving, Cam.

135-Josh Wiseman, CP defeated Nick Lingwall, Brd.

140-Joey Kohler, ER defeated Jake Patnode, Brd.

145-John Hopkins, GR defeated Matt Baarson, CP

152-Joe Andersen, Bem. defeated Dalton Lilledahl, Cam. 11-3

160-Chris Sjodin, Cam. defeated Shane Hartwig, CP

171-Ropss Danker, Cam. decisioned Brandon Bahr 12-7

189-Kaleb Young, Bem. decisoned Matt OConnor, Cam. 10-5

215- Tyler Hemmesch, ER pinned Jake Sorby 2:56

Hwt.-Sam Maresh, CP pinned Josh Olson, Cam. 1:30

Bemidji Matches

103-Paul Thao, Bl. decisioned Luke Bruns 14-12; Joe Holmberg, Cam. decisioned Bruns 16-9

112-Zach Bainville, GR decisioned Dale Davy 17-3; Davy pinned Andrew Berthel, Pri. 4:46;. Holton Lubinski, ER TF over Davy 5:00; Davy TF over Dez Dower, CP 4:00 (6th)

119-no entrant

125-Russ Cazett, ER pinned Seth Dremmel 4:34; Ryan Kolka, GR decisioned Dremmel 3-2

130-Curtis Shatter, CP pinned Dale Norton 5:27; Dan Soular, GR decisioned Norton 5-4

135-Josh Wiseman, CP pinned Trevor Lyseng 0:53; Kevin Anderson, Bl. pinned Lyseng 2:27

140-Erik Elmstrand, Cam. decisioned Lance Richter 5-0; Richter decisioned Mickey Ruder, GR 10-2; Miles Camaratha, CP decisioned Richter 6-1; Richter decisoned Luke Kennedy, B l.6-0 (5th)

145-Josh Hintz, Bl. decisioned Travis Utley; Jason Ingberg, Cam. decisioned Utley 4-3; Utley pinned Chris Padrnos, Brd 5:23 (5th)

152-Joe Andersen pinned Levi Cuny, Pr. 2:39; Andersen pinned Ryan Downs, l2:49; Andersen decisioned Dalton Lilledahl 11-2 (1st)

160-Aaron Olson pinned Nate Kreckleberg, Bl .4:49; Chris Sjodin, Cam . decisioned Olson 12-2; Olson decisioned Josh Jaeger, Brd 10-4; Olson decisoned Jacob Koler, ER 6-3 (3rd)

171-Brandon Bahr pinned Jesse Mortenson, CP 1:04; Bahr pinned Onni Prestige, GR 1:20; Ross Dankers, Cam. decisioned Bahr 12-7 (2nd)

189-Kaleb Young bye; Young pinned Ton Payne, CP 2:14; Young decisioned Matt O'"Connor, Cam.10-5 (1st)

215-Jake Sorby pinned Kyle Anderson, Brd. 3:06; Sorby decisioned Tony Nelson, Cam. 3-1; Tyler Hemmesch, ER pinned Sorby 2:56 (2nd)

Hwt. No entrant


Bemidji JV


103-Colton Doty, Bem. decisioned. Tony Smith 11-2

112-Tory Chamberlain, FL won by forfeit

119-Rob Mason, Bem. pinned Tyler Jensen 5:07

125-Nate Arcand, FL pinned Derek Lofgren 0:37

130-Jacob Hendrickson, FL decisioned Cody Ashton 12-9

135-Cody Kendrick, FL pinned Cody Gardner 2:40

140-Aaron Anderson, FL won by forfeit

145-Corey Huber, Bem; pinned Ben Ulrich 3:45

152-Matt Pederson, FL decisioned Tyler Johnson 14-2

160-Caleb Corrow, FL decisioned Wes Mason 6-2

171-Evan Olson, Bem. pinned Mike Longtin 2:35

189-Alex Willard, Bem. pinned Joe Jandrich 2:47

215-Steve Masterson, Bem. pinned Josh Mabry 0:22

Hwt.-Forest Lake wins by forfeit


119-Andrew Vaughn, Bem. pinned Tory Chamberlain 3:57


103-Dan Dick, Sim. pinned Doty 2:58

112-David Tacke, Sim. won by forfeit

119-Rob Mason, Bem. pinned Nick Polarico 2:50

125-Lofgren, Bem. pinned Jake Burger 3:57

130-Ashton, Bem. pinned Tyler Sheiffelbein 0:30

135-Alex Simmons, Sim. pinned Gardner 3:25

140-Jake Hoffner, Sim. Won by forfeit

145-Ryan Ness, Sim. Won by forfeit'

152-Chase Kubik, Sim. pinned Johnson 3:28

160-Torrie Morgan, Sim pinned Wes mason 0:17

171-Olson, Bem. pinned Luke Perkerewicz

189-Willard, Bem; pinned Evilesses Sanchez 1:17

215-Drew Doshour, Sim. won by forfeit

Hwt.-Simley won by forfeit


171-Luke Perekerewicz, Sim. Decisioned Eddie Potter 12-8