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Swimmers sweep Grand Forks teams

The Bemidji High swim team took a major step forward Tuesday night, sweeping a double dual from Grand Forks Central and Red River at the High School Aquatics Center.

It was the first meeting in history between the three teams.

Bemidji beat the Knights 94-91 and Red River 107-76.

GFC beat Red River 111-66 in the third meet.

For a change Bemidji used its greater depth to win.

While both opponents were short a swimmer or two here and there along the line, Bemidji was almost at full strength and used its points from its second and third place finishers to keep in the running.

In the end, a 1-3 finish in the 400 free relay told the tale providing a 10-4 lead over Central for the three point victory.

Bemidji had many high points.

It started slowly with a 3-6 finish in the medley to earn only four in each meet.

But Kaleigh Frey and Jill Kobilka went 1-2 in the 200 freestyle with Katie Verchota fourth to pick up valuable points on both teams.

Kayla Dahedl and Leah Collison were 3-4 in the I.M. to keep in sight and Selina Gilbertson and Taylor Heinle finished 3-6 in the 50 free with Alicia Takhar eighth to earn more valuable points.

Bemidji made another step forward in diving won by Heinle with a 166.35 with Kelley Frost third and Pearl Walker fourth. Central and Red River had only one diver as Bemidji went 10-4 over Central and 13-2 over the Roughriders.

Hannah Whitehead of Central claimed the fly but Kobilka and Haffner were 2-4 and Leah Collison sixth as Bemidji gained ground.

It gained even more as Gilbertson and Frey went 1-2 in the 100 free with Alicia Takhar fifth for a 12-4 bulge over both rivals.

Whitehead won the 500 to become a double winner with Paige Mikkelson of Red River second.

But Brittany Storey and Haffner were 3-4 and Verchota sixth as the home team held its ground.

Central added the 200 free to its medley relay title. Bemidji was third and fifth, losing six points to Central and two to the Roughriders.

The back and breaststroke have been problem areas all year. But Tuesday, Storey and Heinle went 4-5 in the back with Marie Pugleasa eighth for an 8-8 split with Central.

And Dahedl and Emily Frosaker were 3-5 in the breaststroke as Central moved ahead by three with a 1-2 finish.

That left it up to the final relay and Frey, Kobilka, Haffner and Gilbertson had no problems with a 12 second win over Central with Storey, Heinle, Collison and Verchota taking third as Bemidji outscored the Knights 10-4 to win.

Bemidji will bypass Saturday's Buffalo Invitational and return to the pool next Tuesday hosting Detroit Lakes at 6 p.m.




200 medley relay (1:57.84) 1. GFC (Whitehead-Fristad-Anderson-Eades); 2. RR; 3. Bem (Haffner-Dahedl-Kobilka-Gilbertson); 4. GFC; 5.RR; 6. Bem (Storey-Frosaker-Collison-Takhar)

200 f. s. (2:10.73) 1. Frey, Bem; 2. Kobilka, Bem; 3. McCowan, RR; 4. Verchota, Bem; 5. Kroll, GFC; 6. Anderson, GFC; 7. Boushee, GFC; 8. Fugere, RR; no ninth

200 I. M. (2:24.39) 1. Eades, GFC; 2. Bonzer, GFC; 3. Christen, RR; 4. Dahedl, Bem; 5. Collison, Bem; 6. Folkedahl, GFC; 7. DeCristina, RR; 8. Kucera, RR; 9. A. Claypool, Bem

50 f. s. (26.25) 1. Schmidt, RR; 2. Fristad, GFC; 3. Gilbertson, Bem; 4. Tacchini, RR; 5. Mikkkelson, RR; 6. Heinle, Bem; 7. Swenson, GFC; 8. Takhar, Bem; 9 Manias, GFC

Diving (166.35) 1. Heinle, Bem; 2. Tretter, GFC; 3. Frost, Bem; 4. Walker, Bem; 5. Dewall, RR; no sixth

100 fly (59.81) 1. Whitehead, GFC; 2. Kobilka, Bem; 3. Kroll, GFC; 4. Haffner, Bem; 5. Manias, GFC; 6. Collison, Bem; 7. Fisk, RR; no eighth

100 f. s. (58.58) 1. Gilbertson, Bem; 2. Frey, Bem; 3. Swenson, GFC; 4. Burnham, RR; 5. Takhar, Bem; 6. Svendson , GFC; 7. Christen, RR; 8. Holmen, RR; 9. Knaus, GFC

500 f. s. (4:55.41) 1. Whitehead, GFC; 2. Mikkelson, RR; 3. Storey, Bem; 4. Haffner, Bem; 5. Anderson, GFC; 6. Verchota, Bem; 7. Boushee, GFC; 8. DiCristina, RR; no ninth

200 f. s. relay (1:48.98) 1. GFC (Fristad-Church-Eades-Whitehead); 2. RR; 3. Bem (Frey-Takhar-Heinle-Verchota); 4. GFC; 5. Bem (M. Claypool-A. Claypool-Cook-Pugleasa); 6.RR

100 back (!:09.64) 1. Bonzer, GFC; 2. Burnham, RR; 3. Tacchini, RR; 4. Storey, Bem; 5. Heinle, Bem; 6. Fisk, RR; 7. Tretter, GFC; 8. Pugleasa, Bem; 9. Knaus, GFC

100 breast (1:15.05) 1. Fristad, GFC; 2. Eades, GFC; 3. Dahedl, Bem; 4. Schmidt, RR; 5. Frosaker, Bem; 6. Reamy, RR; 7. Sand, GFC; 8. Ready, GFC; no ninth

400 f. s. relay (4:01.94) 1. Bem (Frey-Kobilka-Haffner-Gilbertson);2. GFC; 3. Bem (Storey-Heinle-Collison-Verchota);4. RR; no fifth