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Leech Lake Band sues contractor

In 2003, the Leech Lake Business Corporation entered the 100 Homes Project. The object was to build 40-100 two-, three-, and four-bedroom homes within a year.

The project was never completed. Now, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and Leech Lake Business Corporation are suing the Morrison County Wallfab Inc. and owner Robert Boyd, charging breach of contract, breach of statutory warranty, negligence and unjust enrichment.

According to the complaint, Wallfab agreed to build 40 homes between December 2003 and May 2004. The contractor submitted invoices for $891,9885 for expenses during that time and built four homes and 22 unfinished structures or foundations.

Of the four homes completed, the two-bedroom that was to cost $42,000 ended up costing the band $99,682, according to the complaint. The three other completed homes also cost thousands of dollars more than the contract price.

In 2005, The Leech lake Band hired Jones Architectural Engineering to inspect the homes and unfinished sites. The architectural firm cited substandard work, overcharging and damaged to unfinished buildings. The estimate was that eight of the unfinished homes could be salvaged, but 12 homes would have to be demolished. The architectural firm estimated, according to the complaint, a loss to the Leech Lake Band of $599,563 on the project.

The Leech Lake Band filed the suit in the Cass County District Court, asking the judge to award an amount to be proven at trial, along with attorneys' fees and costs.