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Minneapolis homicide victim was from Leech Lake Reservation

The man killed over a graffiti-related incident in south Minneapolis has been identified by the Minneapolis Star Tribune as Duane Meat, a Harvard University student whose family is from the Leech Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota, according to people familiar with the victim.

According to the article, Meat, 24, and another man went to the house Wednesday morning and sprayed what appeared to be gang graffiti on the duplex in the 2000 block of East 34th Street.

A 17-year-old came out of the house and words were exchanged, police said.

As they were chased away from the duplex, Meat was shot, police said.

Meat had taken the semester off from Harvard and was living with his family on the Leech Lake Reservation. His mother is Kathy Fairbanks.

He studied economics and had planned to return to Leech Lake to aid in the community's economic development. He was past president of an American Indian student group at the university.