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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

Girls seek to defend Quentin Jones track title

The Bemidji girls track team heads to Thief River Falls today, seeking to defend its title at the Quentin Jones Invitational.

The meet is dedicated to the memory of the long time Prowler track coach.

Bemidji won the title last year by 22 points over Grand Rapids with Detroit Lakes, East Grand and Crookston rounding out the top five.

Should those five be on hand, it could definitely develop into a classic battle.

For Bemidji finished second Tuesday at the Grand Rapids Quad, trailing the Thunderhawks by 34 points.

It continued their record this spring of never finishing lower than second in a year that shows two firsts and five seconds.

The meet allows four entrants in each individual event but unlimited relays.

Coach Chris Lehman will take advantage of that situation to enter numerous relays in those four events.

Bemidji may be shorthanded with sprinter Lexi Gauwitz and hurdler Ali Hougen both doubtful though Gauwitz ran at Grand Rapids Tuesday

"The kids had a great workout Wednesday and are really pushing each other and wanting to improve individually and as a team," said Lehman.

Grand Rapids won Tuesday's meet with 119 points to 76¼ for Bemidji with Hibbing and Duluth East far behind.

The Rapids won on depth and a huge bulge in the field events where Bemidji managed only 16¼ points, 10 coming in the pole vault where it went 1-2.

But the Hawks went 1-2-3 in the high and triple jumps and 1-3 in the long jump, 1-2 in the shot and 1-3-4 in the discus.

Jessica Butler swept all three jumps to lead the way, one of two multiple winners on the day.

Bemidji had its moments, however.

It had wins from Steph Marsh in the 400, Kelsey Heisler in the 800, Abby Hendricks in the 100 hurdles and Dani Paris in the 300's with Paris becoming a double winner in the pole vault.

Bemidji also won the 1600 relay with Paris, Jen and Jes Lovering and Nicole Christiansen.

It had seconds from Pearl Walker in the pole vault and its 4 x 2 unit of Liz Judkins, Serena Glass, Vanessa Martinez and Walker and its 4 x 8 unit of the Loverings, Heisler and Marsh.

Taking third were Ashley Erickson in the 400, Walker in the 100 hurdles, Hendricks in the 300's, Erin Daniels in the shot, the 4 x 1 relay of Judkins, Erin Sundvall, Glass and Natashia McGriff and the 4 x 4 B Team of Erickson, Heisler, Gauwitz and Marsh.

Taking fourth were Sarah Lehmann in the 200, Jill Smith in the 3200, Paris in the long jump and Sarah Kindem in the shot while McGriff in the 100, Jes Lovering in the 400, Hannah Wangberg in the 1600, and Lehmann in the pole vault were fifth.

Leonie Driesch, Erickson and Heisler were three of four jumpers tying for fourth in the high jump.


Team totals: Grand Rapids 119, Bemidji 84¼, Hibbing 27, Duluth East 14¾


100 (13.48) 1. Anderson, HIb; 2. Stingle. DE; 3. Glumack, Hib; 4. Mattson, GR; 5. McGriff, Bem.

200 (27.22) 1. Mattson, GR; 2. Stingle, DE; 3.B. Joki, GR; 4. Lehmann, Bem; 5. Peterson, GR

400 (1:02.69) 1. Marsh, Bem; 2. Gillson, GR; 3. Erickson, Bem; 4. Hayden, DE; 5. Jess. Lovering, Bem.

800 (n. a.) 1. Heisler, Bem; 5. Wangberg, Bem.

1600 (n. a.) 4. Smith, Bem.

3200 (12:36.43) 1. Illikainen, GR; 2. DeGrio, GR; 3. Pullar, Hib; no fourth

100 hurdles (17:36) 1. Hendricks, Bem; 2. Schlauderaff, GR; 3. Walker, Bem; 4. Rothstein, GR; 5. Marturano, HIb.

300 hurdles (49.89) 1. Paris, Bem; 2. Hanson, GR; 3. Hendricks, Bem; 4. Walker, Bem; 5. Peterson, GR


4 x 1 (54.33) 1. GR; 2. Hib; 3. Bem (Judkins-Sundvall-Glass-McGriff)

4 x 2 (1:54.44) 1. GR; 2. Bem (Judkins-Glass-Martinez-Walker): 3. Hib.

4 x 4 (4:15.67) 1. Bem (Paris-Jen-Lovering-Christiansen-Jes. Lovering); 2. GR; 3. Bem B (Erickson-Heisler-


4 x 8 (9:52.20) 1. GR; 2. Bem (Jen. Lovering-Heisler-Jes. Lovering-Marsh); 3. DE


High jump (5-2) 1. Butler, GR; 2. Legler, GR; 3. Rothstein, GR; 4. (tie) Knutson, DE; Driesch, Bem; Erickson, Bem; Heisler, Bem.

Long jump (15-5) 1. Butler, GR; 2. Chamernick, HIb; 3. B .Joki, GR; 4. Paris, Be; 5. E. Joki, GR

Triple jump (33-6) 1. Butler, GR; 2. B. Joki, GR; 3. E. Joki, GR; 4. Leider, DE; 5. Peterson, GR

Pole vault (8-6) 1. Paris, Bem; 2. Walker, Bem; 3. Nordstrom, Hib; 4. Boatman, GR; 5. Lehmann, Bem.

Shot put (42-3½) 1. Rollins, GR; 2. Cagle, GR; 3. Daniels, Bem; 4. Kindem, Bem; 5. Rask, Hib.

Discus (125-2) 1. Cagle, GR; 2. Daniels, Bem; 3. Johnson, GR; 4. Lyons, GR; 5. Kindem, Bem.