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Letter: Vandals strike gorilla again at its Highway 71 S. haunt

What is wrong with people today? What has happened to moral values? I am saddened to see the thief has struck again! He or she has taken the only gorilla left from the tree at the Hooker Farm south of Bemidji.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have looked over at that farm on the way to "town." Many times, we would see Elmer Marion racing his horse and buggy around the racetrack. Now, the last few years, I look to see what decoration is in the barn hayloft, and what are the gorillas doing.

They used to hang a thief on a cross. I pray God will forgive you too!

I guess I will have to wait for Mr. Lindquist to blast the Democrats on his fence during the next election before I have anything to look at on the west side of highway 71.

Pearl Sletten