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Baird inducted into Curling Hall of Fame

Bemidji curling veteran Scott Baird was officially entered into the sport's Hall of Fame this week at the U. S. World Team Trials at the Bemidji Curling Club.

He becomes the first Bemidji member of the Hall which opened in 1984 with the legendary Bud Somerville as its first inductee.

It is the second national honor for Baird who was chosen Coach of the Year in 1998, one year after former teammate Bob Fenson.

He has been a mainstay in the city's long curling success dating back to his high school days when he joined Fenson and brothers Dan and Mark Haluptzok to win four state high school titles in the 1960's before then MSHSL abandoned the sport for lack of enough teams to justify holding a state meet.

All four of those curlers have continued highly successful careers in the sport over the next 40 years.

Baird skipped three national championship rinks beginning in 1979 with his high school quartet. He won again in 1993 and 94 with Pete Fenson, Bob's son and current national champion, Mark Haluptzok and Tim Johnson, father of women's national champs Cassie and Jamie Johnson.

His fourth trip came in 2003 as an alternate on the Pete Fenson rink that included his brother Eric, Shawn Rojeski and John Shuster.

He was an alternate again this year on the Fenson Olympic rink that found Joe Polo replacing Eric Fenson.

He was honored at the Olympics as the oldest curler in the men's field.

His father Scotty Baird was one of the city's top curlers for several decades in the mid century.

His daughter Nikki curled third on the Junior National women's championship rinks in 1998 and 1999 skipped by Hope Schmidt while his son Randy skipped the Junior Men's national championship in 2000.