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Fast food worker lauded for act of kindness

HOPKINS, Minn. (AP) — An act of kindness by a fast food worker in Hopkins has attracted widespread attention.

The owners of the Dairy Queen had no idea what employee Joey Prusak had done until they got a customer's email passed on from corporate headquarters.

A regular customer who's visually impaired dropped a $20 bill when paying for his food last week. A woman in line behind the man picked up the $20 bill and put it in her purse.

Prusak stepped in and asked the woman to return the man's money. She refused, so Prusak asked her to leave. She complied. But, Prusak's customer was still short $20. So, Prusak reached into his own pocket to return the money. Prusak's employer posted the email at the restaurant. Someone else put it on Facebook and the story of Prusak's kindness spread.

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