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Red Lake to commemorate treaty signing

RED LAKE -- The Red Lake Band of Ojibwe has established a tribal holiday to recognize the "Old Crossing Treaty Day."

The tribal council recently voted to establish the holiday to commemorate the only treaty between the United States and the Red Lake Nation.

On Oct. 2, 1863, the Pembina and Red Lake Bands of Ojibwe signed a treaty with the United States government contributing a total of 11 million acres to the U.S.

A ceremony and lunch will be held at 11 a.m. Oct. 2 at the Red Lake Humanities Center. At 4 p.m., tribal officials will travel to Huot, Minn., the Old Crossing Treaty Memorial Park, near Red Lake Falls, Minn., where there will be commemoration ceremony. Red Lake Tribal Chairman Floyd Jourdain will give an adress and a ceremonial drum will be present, officials said.