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Odd News for August 30, 2013

Website targets deadbeat gamblers

HONG KONG (Reuters) — Hustler, cheater, robber, rogue.

Gamblers who skip out on casino debts in Macau risk being branded with these monikers and having personal details made public by a website that says it has helped to recover $8 million so far.

Mouse body clock study offers clues

LONDON (Reuters) — Scientists have found a genetic mechanism in mice that hampers their body clock’s ability to adjust to changes in patterns of light and dark, and say their results could someday lead to the development of drugs to combat jet lag.

Researchers from Britain’s Oxford University and from the Swiss drug firm Roche used mice to analyze patterns of genes in an area of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) — which in mammals pulls every cell in the body into the same biological rhythm.

Club warned by UEFA over sheep slaughter

BERNE (Reuters) — Kazakhstan champions Shakhtar Karagandy have been warned that they could face disciplinary action if they slaughter any more sheep before European games, UEFA said on Wednesday.

“The UEFA Competition department has written to FC Shakhter Karagandy and informed them that animal slaughter was not acceptable in or around our competitions and that the club would face sanctions if it happens again,” read a UEFA statement.

‘Twerk’ and ‘selfie’ added to dictionary

LONDON (Reuters) —“Twerk,” a provocative dance move that has gone viral, and “selfie” a photograph taken of oneself using a phone, are two new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary on Wednesday.

The dictionary has included words such as “twerk,” “selfie,” “digital detox” and the social media meaning of the verb “unlike” in its latest quarterly update to reflect the increasing use of technology and social media.

Frustrated fan buys rights to Cup qualifier

SYDNEY (Reuters) — Frustrated by a lack of TV coverage of his team, a soccer fan has bought the Australian TV rights for Ireland’s World Cup qualifier against Sweden to ensure that Irish down under don’t miss the crunch clash.

David Feeney told Reuters in a telephone interview that he was so frustrated at not being able to watch his team on television that he decided to buy the rights himself.

Russian police seize painting of Putin

ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) — Police seized a painting of Russia’s president and prime minister in women’s underwear from a gallery in St Petersburg, saying the satirical display had broken unspecified laws.

The officers also removed a picture of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, his torso covered in tattoos, and two others poking fun at lawmakers who have backed legislation banning so-called gay propaganda, gallery staff said.

Maine ‘hermit’ pleads not guilty to stealing

AUGUSTA, Maine (Reuters) — A Maine man who lived in the woods with nearly no human contact for 27 years, supporting himself by stealing food and supplies, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to seven counts of burglary and six of theft.

Christopher Knight, 47, was clean-shaven with closely cropped hair and looked well fed at the time of his arrest in April.

He has grown a full beard in his four months in prison and now looks gaunt.