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Daily arrests, police report for August 23

Police Report

The Bemidji Police Department responded to the following calls:


9:01 p.m. Wednesday: A 29-year-old man was cited for shoplifting at Walmart.

6:21 p.m. Thursday: A 21-year-old woman was cited for shoplifting at Walmart.

1:06 p.m. Thursday: A bicycle was stolen from a juvenile male at the library. Police were not able to locate the suspects.

10:18 a.m. Thursday: A business in the 2300 block of Bardwell Drive Northwest was burglarized. A Polaris ATV was taken.


4:03 p.m. Thursday: A22-year-old man was arrested in the 330 block of Bemidji Avenue North for driving with a suspended license and possessing a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


11:26 a.m. Thursday: A 29-year-old man was arrested in the 1300 block of Anne Street Northwest and booked on a charge of fifth-degree assault.

Sheriff Report


1:48 p.m. Thursday: A dispute over a property line at a home in the 9000 block of Walnut Road Southeast led to a citation for fifth-degree assault given to a 61-year-old man.

Daily Arrests

The following people were arrested Friday. The charges listed here do not necessarily reflect the nature of the counts that may be levied against them by the Beltrami County Attorney's Office.

Toni Mae Rushman, 43

F - BOND/BAIL SET - 609.485.2 04CR102107

warrant-Escape From Custody-Prohibited Acts

F - COURT/PENDING - 609.21.1 04K2051350

Warrant-Criminal Vehicular Homicide or Operation

F - COURT/PENDING - 609.485.2(1) 04CR102107

Warrant-Escape From Custody-Held Pursuant to Lawful A

Billy Dale Vincent, 35

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.2242

Domestic Assault

F - COURT/PENDING - 609.378 sub 1 (b)(2)


The following people were arrested Thursday:

Barbara Beetcher Grau, 45

G - COURT/PENDING - 609.52.2(a)(3)(i) 04CR094828

WARRANT-Theft-By check

Jamie Lee Brown, 26

G - SENTENCED - 609.52.2(a)(17) 04CR13378

COMMITMENT-Theft-Take/Drive Motor Vehicle-No Owner Conse

G - SENTENCED - 169A.25.1(a) 04CR13378

COMMITMENT-Traffic - DWI - Second-Degree Driving While I

Alden Paul Jones, 46

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.74.(2) 04CR122249

WARRANT-Public Nuisance-Interfere/Obstruct/Render Dan

Kathleen Rose Jones, 32

G - COURT/PENDING - 609.535.2a(a)(2) 04CR1352

WARRANT-Issue Dishonored Check-Value More Than $250-$

M - HOLD PLACED - 609.52.2(a)(3) 14CR131939

Clay County Hold

M - HOLD PLACED - 609.535.2 14CR131939

Clay County Hold

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.535.2 56CR13495


Alfred Dean Kingbird, 29

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.2242.1(2)

Domestic Assault-Misdemeanor-Intentionally In

Dawn Olive Labelle, 49

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.74.(2) 04CR122249

WARRANT-Public Nuisance-Interfere/Obstruct/Render Dan

Erik James Loonsfoot, 40

F - COURT/PENDING - 152.025.2(a)(1) 04CR13188

VIOLATION-Drugs - 5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1,2,3,4

Jason Michael Lory, 32

G - COURT/PENDING - 171.24.3

Traffic-Drivers License-Driving After Cancell

M - COURT/PENDING - 169.797.2

Traffic Regulation-Uninsured Vehicle-Owner Vi

Jeffery Michael Newell, 22

M - COURT/PENDING - 171.24.1

Traffic-Drivers License-Driving After Suspens

P - COURT/PENDING - 152.027.4(a)

Drugs - Possess/Sale Small Amount of Marijuan

P - COURT/PENDING - 152.092

Drugs - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - Us

Jerome David Roy, 44

F - COURT/PENDING - 609.222.1

Assault-2nd Degree-Dangerous Weapon

Timothy John Stone, 51

M - SENTENCED - 609.72.1(3) 04CR122066

COMMITMENT-Disorderly Conduct-Offensive/Abusive/Noisy/Ob

Amber Rai Vincent, 28

G - COURT/PENDING - 609.378.1(a)(2)

Neglect Child-Knowingly Permit Physical/Sex A

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