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Thank you for helping

--PULLOUT--Thank you

I would like give a very large heartfelt thank you to the following in regards to a tubing accident that took place July 5 on Cass Lake:

Thank you to Justin, for literally saving Jeremy's life on the water, while he himself was also injured.

Thank you to the EMT, who was the first to administer first aid to Jeremy, who just happened to be enjoying the day at Norway Beach.

Thank you to the ambulance crew who responded and transported Jeremy to Cass Lake and the waiting chopper that flew Jeremy to Sanford Medical in Fargo.

Thank you to Karen G., who rushed Nancy to Fargo so she could be at Jeremy's side 24/7, and continues to do so.

Thank you to Albert and Pam for driving over to Fargo to bring both Jeremy and Nancy back to their home.

Thank you to Megan B., the fabulous therapist of whom I know from personal experience, because she will do all she can to get Jeremy back on the road with a time-fashioned, healthy recovery.

Thank you to Jeremy's new employer for granting him a "leave of absence."

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

My motto is "Always try to live twice and make the very most out of each and every single moment."

Kristi Larson-St. Pierre