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Sheridan couple faces tax evasion charges

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A federal indictment charges a Sheridan couple with tax evasion and conspiring to defraud the IRS by concealing money in a bank account in the Caribbean island of Nevis.

Robert Sathre and Judy Sathre pleaded not guilty to the charges before a federal magistrate on Wednesday. Attempts to reach them and their attorney Craig Silva of Casper for comment Friday were unsuccessful.

The indictment charges that Robert Sathre sold a business in Minnesota in the mid-1990s for more than $3 million but failed to account for it on his tax returns. He then established a gas station/convenience store in Sheridan called the Rock Stop.

The indictment charges that Robert Sathre sold the Rock Stop in 2007 and then directed a Wyoming law firm to wire $900,000 to the Caribbean account.

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