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Clearwater County adults receive 4-H awards

BAGLEY – Lindsay Anderson and Marie Powell, both of Bagley, were named the 2012 Clearwater County 4-H Volunteers of the Year.

Typically, only one volunteer from the county is selected to receive this award. However, two volunteers were selected for their exceptional efforts to improve the quality of 4-H programming.

Lindsay Anderson was honored for her improvements to 4-H dog programming and her strong leadership role in assisting the Clearwater County 4-H Ambassadors.

Anderson and her family moved to Bagley in 2011. She currently teaches fifth grade at Bagley Elementary School.

“I decided to become a volunteer when we moved to this community so that I could get to know more people in the county since I was a stay-at-home mom at the time,” Anderson said. “I’ve always believed 4-H was a truly valuable program to me growing up and I wanted to give back some of what 4-H had given to me.”

Marie Powell was honored for her improvements to 4-H horse programming, her willingness to oversee 4-H finances and for her role as the leader of the Woodside Workers 4-H Club.

“My mom was an example for me by being a volunteer, leader and positive role model with open arms for anyone,” Powell said. “When I was young I remember staying in the horse barn with my family and I knew with excitement that I would be that next generation. A good leader is humble and constantly finding opportunities for improvement, whether it’s having an effect on someone or adjusting the program.”

Powell, who has lived in Bagley since she was 2 years old, currently works as a sales associate at Headwaters Regional Farm Bureau in Bagley.

“The common denominator in my job and volunteering is watching people get fulfillment,” she added. “I hope one day they will help someone else.”

Energizer Bunny Award

Carol Anderson of Bagley was awarded the Energizer Bunny Award by Clearwater County 4-H for her ongoing volunteer efforts to the 4-H program.

Anderson is currently the leader of Jack Pine Pals 4-H Club and has been for several years. She has participated in numerous Clearwater County 4-H Leader’s Council events and meetings, 4-H community service projects and volunteer trainings. Through the years Anderson has kept the special traditions of Clearwater County 4-H alive while actively sharing her 4-H story with others.

“Carol was the first one to show up at the Clearwater County Fair 4-H Cleanup Day and was one of the last to leave, which is a good example of her dedication as a volunteer,” said Anne Williams, Clearwater County 4-H program coordinator. “Carol has gone to great lengths to help support the Clearwater County 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife projects and has been an outstanding volunteer and advocate for 4-H.”