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Local MDHA chapter purchases rifles for youth

From left in front with the new rifles are Don Close, Nicholas Schulke, Kase Yerbich, Jessica Schussman, Katelyn Karbowski and John Gilberton. In back are Howie Schultz and Eric Enquist.

The Bemidji chapter of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association has purchased two rifles for smaller youth shooters.

The firearms were presented at the final meeting of a recent Youth/Adult Firearms Safety Class.

The Bemidji chapter of the MDHA, along with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, sponsored the class, held at Northern Town Hall. Thirty-two youth and two adults participated. Howie Schultz was the lead instructor; assistant instructors were Al Lidstrom, Michael Ellis, Curt Lunquist and Eric Enquist. The class met on five Wednesday evening with a Range Day held on the Saturday after the fifth class, in which the final written test was given.

 The class fee of $7.50 usually covers basic needs, along with items received from the DNR, but because some of the firearms were too long or too heavy for smaller youth, two smaller .22-caliber rifles were needed, one for right-hand shooters and one for left-hand shooters.

The Bemidji chapter of the MDHA purchased the rifles and cases from Bluewater Outdoors in Bemidji.