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BSU’s Inter-Greek Council hosts Penny Wars for youth programs

From left in the back row are Bemidji State University Inter-Greek Council members Ashley Cain, Alex Ferkinhoff and Stephanie Olson; Boys and Girls Club of the Bemidji Area Executive Director Andrea Ohnstad, and members Cory Illies, Connor O’Malley and Cory Johnson. From left in the front row are members Jessica Meierhofer, Liz Dicker, Larry Moeller and Steve Shern.

BEMIDJI —During BSU homecoming week, members from Theta Tau Epsilon fraternity and Delta Theta Kappa sorority hosted Penny Wars on campus to raise awareness of the volunteer opportunities and youth programs at the local Boys and Girls Club of the Bemidji Area and to support yearly $15 memberships.

The Inter-Greek Council located at Bemidji State University has a goal, according to Theta Tau Epsilon President Cory Illies, “to unite all Greek organizations that are recognized by the University, and be a vehicle to promote social service, campus interaction and fellowship amongst organizations.”

“Pennies were collected by both Theta Tau Epsilon and Delta Theta Kappa along with other students and counted as positive in their separate Penny War jars,” said Illies. “If people, especially the Greek students, placed dollars or silver coins into the bucket, it counted as negative monies, so the goal was to keep adding more pennies to get to the positive while raising more and more. It was fun and for a great program. Lots of students participated.”

Through the Penny Wars, the Inter-Greek Council was able to raise $110.76 and support the Club’s mission: To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

“Bemidji State University is an exceptional community partner, and they are continuously finding ways to be innovative and resourceful,” said Andrea Ohnstad, Boys and Girls Club executive director. “We are thankful to these students of the Inter-Greek Council for building awareness of the Club’s year-round youth programs and being so eager to volunteer to give to back to our community.”