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Beltrami 4-H’ers compete in 2012 State 4-H Dog Show

By Ann Marie Ward, Special to the Pioneer

ST. PAUL – The Minnesota 4-H State Dog Show is an annual event held at the Minnesota State Fair. The State Dog Show consists of agility, obedience, and showmanship events. This year’s show was held Sept. 22 and 23.

The 4-H Dog Project helps youth learn to train a dog for agility, obedience, showmanship or as an ideal pet. Topics include canine behavior, breed characteristics, diseases, ethics, grooming, health, nutrition, responsible breeding, service dogs, therapy dogs, dog-related careers and the wide array of dog sports.

Beltrami County 4-H had five youth attend this year’s event.

-- Dakota Berg, of the Northwoods 4-H Club, with Eragon, a miniature Australian shepherd, and Iagen, a Shetland sheepdog, had the following results:

Agility - Elementary (12 in.) – grade 4-8; Blue.

Agility - Jumpers 1 (12 in.) – grade 4-8; Red.

Agility - Jumpers 2 (12 in.) – grade 4-8; Champion.

Agility - Senior – (4, 8, 12 in.) - All grades; White.

Obedience – Novice – grade 7-8; Blue; score: 189.50.

Rally – Advanced – grade 4-8; Red; score: 52.00 time: 3.06.90.

Rally – Novice – grade 8; Award of Excellence; score: 87.00;  time: 1.47.28.

Showmanship – Open – grade 8; Blue; score: 15.00.

-- Alyssa Flansburg, with the Northwoods 4-H Club, and Mochi, a Pekingese, earned the following ratings:

Rally – Pre-Novice – grade 4; Blue; score: 88.00; time: 2.03.16.

Showmanship – Novice – grade 4; Red; score: 10.00.

-- Cyan Koos, with the Open Range Ropers 4-H Club, and Fozzy Bear, a Lhasa poo, had exceptional results in their first year:

Obedience – Beginner A – grade 5; Award of Excellence; score: 163.00

Rally – Pre-Novice – grade 5; Award of Excellence; score: 95.00; time: 1.03.40

Showmanship – Novice – grade 5; Blue; score: 15.00.

 Fozzy was a rescue from WhipStaff Ranch and Rescue in Solway. He was one of the puppies WhipStaff received in 2010 when a puppy mill near St. Cloud was shut down. He was 4 months old when the Koos family adopted him.

-- Michelle LaMoure, of the Northwood 4-H Club, along with Baily, earned the following ratings:

Obedience – Novice – grade 7-8; Blue; score: 175.50.

Rally - Pre-Advanced – grade 7-8; Blue; score: 75.00 time: 2.42.97.

-- Christian Moen, with the Deer Lake Flyers 4-H Club, and Belle, a border collie, received the following ratings:

Agility – Beginner (16 in.) – grade 4-6; Blue.

Agility – Jumpers 1 (16, 20 in.) – grade 4-5; Blue.

Obedience – Graduate Beginner – grade 4-5; Red; score: 145.50.

Rally – Novice – grade 4-5; Blue; score: 76.00 time: 3.11.72.

Showmanship – Open – grade 4-5; Blue; score: 15.00.

To compete in the Minnesota 4-H State Dog Show, youth must have completed fourth grade and qualified through participation at the county 4-H dog show.

For more information on the 4-H Dog Project in Beltrami County, contact the Beltrami Extension Office at 444-5722 or e-mail To enroll in 4-H go to

ANN MARIE WARD is 4-H program coordinator for Beltrami County.