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Beltrami County 4-H’ers compete in state shoot

FAIRMONT – Beltrami County 4-H youth took part in the Minnesota 4-H State Shooting Sports/Wildlife Invitation Sept. 7-9 in Fairmont.

The 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife Invitational event involves about 700 young people in the following areas: archery, muzzle loader, shotgun, air rifle, .22 rifle, air pistol, silhouette fun shoot, and skill-a-thon. It is the culmination of the yearlong shooting and wildlife project.

More than 16 events are awarded to 10 places. Lead coach for archery is Ann Illies.  Lead coaches for air rifle/air pistol and .22 are Mike Porter and Rose Erickson. Trap youth are coached by John Ahrens.

Beltrami 4-H youth completed on a very windy week-end with exceptional results. First year and seasoned shooters had great success. Beltrami County 4-H youth participate in shooting sports all year long. This event is the showcase of their skills at a state wide event.

Nine Beltrami youth are eligible for application to the Minnesota 4-H National Shooting Sports Team. Senior shooters make application based on this qualifying event and then wait to learn if they have been selected to represent Minnesota 4-H at the National Shoot.

Complete results for all counties are online at


For details on Beltrami County 4-H Shooting Sports, call the Beltrami County Extension Office at 444-5722.


Individual results

Archery - Junior Class A

Beltrami 2nd Mark Yerbich 261

Beltrami 4th Chris Daniels 248

Archery - Junior Class C

Beltrami 6th Samuel Serleth 268

Beltrami 7th Anna Ogren 266

Beltrami 39th Cale Mouser 187

Archery - Intermediate Class A

Beltrami 7th Calli Yerbich 155

Beltrami 22nd Emily Risberg 105

Archery - Intermediate Class B

Beltrami 24 Jack Dockendorf 135

Archery - Senior Class A

Beltrami 4th Travis Torkelson 173

Archery - Senior Class B

Beltrami 2nd Luke Yerbich 244

Standard Air Rifle

 40 standing shots

Standard Air Rifle - Junior

Beltrami 2nd Cade Haiby 242

Beltrami 3rd Samuel Serleth 182

Beltrami 9th Anna Ogren 128

Beltrami 10th Isaac Klejeski 127

Standard Air Rifle - Intermediate

Beltrami 2nd Seth Perkins 262

Beltrami 3rd Caitlin Klejeski 239

Beltrami 7th Brett Carlson 201

Beltrami 8th Kendall Fussy 193

Standard Air Rifle - Senior

Beltrami 2nd Caitlyn Fleahman 283

Beltrami 3rd Melissa Perkins 278

Beltrami 4th Sara Erickson 271

Beltrami 9th Tanner Zaccagnino 247

Beltrami 15th Amanda Klejeski 214

Beltrami 17th Brandon Carlson 200

3 Position 10 shots Ground, 10 Kneeling, 10 Standing

3 Position Air Rifle - Junior

Beltrami 1st Cade Haiby 223

Beltrami 3rd Samuel Serleth 197

Beltrami 11th Anna Ogren 145

Beltrami 13th Isaac Klejeski 141

3 Position Air Rifle - Intermediate

Beltrami 1st Brett Carlson 240

Beltrami 2nd Seth Perkins 235

Beltrami 3rd Caitlin Klejeski 227

Beltrami 6th Kendall Fussy 212

3 Position Air Rifle - Senior

Beltrami 4th Sara Erickson 233

Beltrami 5th Melissa Perkins 232

Beltrami 6th Brandon Carlson 231

Beltrami 7th Caitlyn Fleahman 231

Beltrami 8th Tanner Zaccagnino 229

Beltrami 9th Amanda Klejeski 225

Air Pistol  40 Standing Shots

Air Pistol - Junior

Beltrami 2nd Cade Haiby 307

Beltrami 3rd Anna Ogren 281

Beltrami 8th Isaac Klejeski 260

Beltrami 19th Samuel Serleth 197

Air Pistol - Intermediate

Beltrami 1st Caitlin Klejeski 335

Beltrami 3rd Brett Carlson 315

Beltrami 4th Kendall Fussy 310

Beltrami 6th Seth Perkins 287

Air Pistol - Senior

Beltrami 2nd Caitlyn Fleahman 343

Beltrami 7th Amanda Klejeski 321

Beltrami 9th Melissa Perkins 306

Beltrami 10th Sara Erickson 295

Beltrami 16th Brandon Carlson 266

Beltrami 19th Tanner Zaccagnino 235

.22 Rifle  10 Ground,

10 Kneeling, 10 Standing

.22 Rifle - Intermediate Target

Beltrami 1st Caitlin Klejeski 232

Beltrami 3rd Brett Carlson 224

Beltrami 5th Seth Perkins 217

Beltrami 6th Kendall Fussy 213

.22 Rifle - Senior Target

Beltrami 1st Caitlyn Fleahman 266

Beltrami 6th Sara Erickson 235

Beltrami 7th Amanda Klejeski 234

Beltrami 13th Melissa Perkins 199

Beltrami 16th Tanner Zaccagnino 177


20 shots, 5 at 4 separate distances

Silhouette - Rifle

Beltrami 1st Brett Carlson 19

Beltrami 7th Melissa Perkins 18

Beltrami 21st Seth Perkins 14

Silhouette - Pistol

Beltrami 1st Caitlin Klejeski 12

Beltrami 2nd Amanda Klejeski 11

Beltrami 4th Isaac Klejeski 9

Skillathon – Knowledge

This event involves the opportunity for hands on identification, testing of knowledge and orienteering


Skillathon – Junior

Beltrami 14th Chris Daniels 27

Beltrami 18th Anna Ogren 24

Skillathon – Intermediate

Beltrami 17th Emily Risberg 38

Trap – Intermediate

Beltrami 108th Zachary Erickson 18

Team Results

Archery - Junior Class C

7th Beltrami

Cale Mouser 187

Anna Ogren 266

Samuel Serleth 268

Team Total 721

Archery - Senior Class B

3rd Beltrami

Jack Dockendorf 135

Emily Risberg 105

Travis Torkelson 173

Luke Yerbich 244

Team Total 657

Standard Air Rifle - Junior

1st Beltrami

Cade Haiby 242

Isaac Klejeski 127

Anna Ogren 128

Samuel Serleth 182

Team Total 679

Standard Air Rifle - Intermediate

1st Beltrami

Brett Carlson 201

Kendall Fussy 193

Caitlin Klejeski 239

Seth Perkins 262

Team Total 895

Standard Air Rifle - Senior

1st Beltrami

Sara Erickson 271

Caitlyn Fleahman 283

Amanda Klejeski 214

Melissa Perkins 278

Team Total 1046

3 Position Air Rifle - Junior

1st Beltrami

Cade Haiby 223

Isaac Klejeski 141

Anna Ogren 145

Samuel Serleth 197

Team Total 706

3 Position Air Rifle - Intermediate

1st Beltrami

Brett Carlson 240

Kendall Fussy 212

Caitlin Klejeski 227

Seth Perkins 235

Team Total 914

3 Position Air Rifle - Senior

1st Beltrami

Sara Erickson 233

Caitlyn Fleahman 231

Amanda Klejeski 225

Melissa Perkins 232

Team Total 921

Air Pistol - Junior

1st Beltrami

Cade Haiby 307

Isaac Klejeski 260

Anna Ogren 281

Samuel Serleth 197

Team Total 1045

Air Pistol - Intermediate

1st Beltrami

Brett Carlson 315

Kendall Fussy 310

Caitlin Klejeski 335

Seth Perkins 287

Team Total 1247

Air Pistol - Senior

2nd Beltrami

Sara Erickson 295

Caitlyn Fleahman 343

Amanda Klejeski 321

Melissa Perkins 306

Team Total 1265

.22 Rifle - Intermediate Target

1st Beltrami

Brett Carlson 224

Kendall Fussy 213

Caitlin Klejeski 232

Seth Perkins 217

Team Total 886

.22 Rifle - Senior Target

2nd Beltrami

Sara Erickson 235

Caitlyn Fleahman 266

Amanda Klejeski 234

Melissa Perkins 199

Team Total 934


Junior Division:  Grades 4-6

Intermediate Division: Grades 7-9

Senior Division: Grades 10 and up

Individual Results: Single Score Events

Archery Class explanation:

Class A:  any bow with no sites and drawn with fingers

Class B:  any bow with sites, and drawn with fingers

Class C: a compound bow with sites and release