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Tieman appointed to state Lions Vision Foundation

At a recent training session at the Minnesota Eye Bank, Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation board members toured the new Children's Eye Clinic. New board member Wayne Tieman of Bemidji, representing District 5M10, is shown with Carolyn Hegland of the Lake Country Lions in Cass Lake, who represents District 5M9 and is serving her third year on the board of directors. Submitted Photo

Wayne Tieman of the Bemidji Lions Club was recently appointed to the Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation to represent District 5M10.

In 2010 Lions pledged to raise $3 million to support eye research, education, and clinical care for infants and children at the University of Minnesota's Department of Ophthalmology.

The Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation funds the operating expenses of the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank and provides a board of directors that gives fiscal oversight to the eye bank. The Vision Foundation partners with the Lions of Minnesota, the Eye Bank and the University of Minnesota to increase public awareness about eye donation, aids in funding research projects and equipment for the University of Minnesota, and collects used eyeglasses to redistribute.

In the past 50 years, Lions have worked to build a Sight Program at the University of Minnesota that includes the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank, the Lions Children's Eye Clinic, Ophthalmology Research and the Fund to Prevent Blindness in Infants and Children.