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Thank You: Quick response by Forest Service crews

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the U.S. Forest Service crews that responded so quickly to the request for assistance at the Norway Beach Campground on July 2.

My family and I had been camping in the Norway Loop that evening when the storm hit. When it was over, we walked around the campgrounds to survey the damage and make sure there weren't people needing medical attention. As we proceeded through the area and talked with fellow campers, it became clear that no one was going to be able to leave the campground that night due to the many trees that had fallen across the roads leading out to Highway 2.

We were very concerned for our safety and we wondered how long it would take for help to arrive. The Forest Service showed up in minimal time and immediately began the task for cutting and clearing the trees blocking the roads. We could hear the sounds of machinery through the night, and by early morning a path was open for us to leave the campground safely.

Thank you, Forest Service crews, for your help and your hard work that night. It is very much appreciated.

Terri Crews