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Studio Cruise thanks participants

The Steering Committee of the Bemidji First City of Arts Studio Cruise 2009 wishes to say thank you to all of the participating artists, generous and supportive business partners and sponsors and, most importantly, a special thank you to all who took time to visit with the artists in their studios during the Studio Cruise this year. 

This year, the second for the cruise, saw a dramatic increase in numbers of visitors to the artists' studios with both artists and visitors expressing enthusiastic satisfaction with the overall experience. 

Our goals for the Studio Cruise are threefold:

- Education: To allow the public to visit artists in their working environments, witness the creative process, interface with the artist and enhance their understanding of what goes into such work. It is also expected that such interaction with the public will serve to enhance the artists' understanding of the public's perception of their work.

- Economic stimulus: To offer artists a greater level of exposure to potential patrons for their artwork and add to the economic diversity of the region as well.

- Promotion: To promote Bemidji and the surrounding area as a destination for the arts by highlighting the diverse community of artists residing in the region.

Thanks to you, we feel that our goals have been furthered and the foundation upon which to build future success strengthened and we look forward to having you participate in the Bemidji First City of Arts Studio Cruise 2010.

Dave Towley and the Studio Cruise Steering Committee