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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

Area births (published Oct. 21, 2009)

Recent births at North Country Regional Hospital:

--A girl was born to Shelley Gorham and Rachid Maugni of Bemidji, Oct. 7.

--A boy was born to Cassandra Syljuberget and Gregory Delaney of Bemidji, Oct. 12.

--A boy was born to Zach and Stephany McDermott of Bemidji, Oct. 13.

--A boy was born to Clinton J. and Amanda White of Bemidji, Oct. 13.

--A girl was born to Crystal Greene and Timothy Olson of Federal Dam, Oct. 14.

--A girl was born to Lyla Ann Johnson and Michael James Bellanger of Max, Minn., Oct. 14.

--A boy was born to Brian and Courtney Gifford of Bemidji, Oct. 15.

--A boy was born to Maria Hvezda and Ross Beaulieu of Mahnomen, Minn., Oct. 15.

--A girl was born to Iris F. Lyons and Jason E. King of Bemidji, Oct. 16.

--A boy was born to Amber Offerdahl and Ryan Merschman of Bagley, Oct. 16.

--A girl was born to Taylor Woods and Robert Kirk of Walker, Oct. 16.

--A boy was born to Matt and Lydia Houle of Bemidji, Oct. 16.

--A boy and a girl were born to Michelle Renae Kingbird and Eugene White of Red Lake, Oct. 17.

--A girl was born to Cynthia Posner of Bemidji, Oct. 18.

--A girl was born to Marita Morris and Ryan K. Bliss of Bagley, Oct. 19,

--A girl was born to Ted and Flora Graves of Ponemah, Oct. 19.