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Successful Fishing Has No Boundaries

The Paul Bunyan Fishing Has No Boundaries Chapter of Bemidji would like to thank all the people and businesses that have given us their support. Our event would not be possible without their help.

Thank you to those people who allowed us to use their pontoons and boats. Many of our anglers wouldn't be able to get out on the lake without your generosity.

Thank you to our sponsors. Your support of our FHNB chapter ensures that we have the equipment and funds necessary for our FHNB event.

Thank you to all the area business that donated products to us. The time we spent on shore (when we weren't fishing, but were talking fishing) was very enjoyable because of your donations.

Thank you to all our volunteers for your willingness to be at our event right through the wind and rain. You stuck with us Saturday morning when it looked like it was going to rain all day (I will always remember that cheer when the sun finally came out), and you came back on Sunday.

There is no Fishing Has No Boundaries without folks like you! You make the Bemidji community a truly unique and wonderful place! Again, thank you all!

Susie Balstad

Co-Chair, Fishing Has No Boundaries