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If we don't stop overdoing things, it might be all over

Due to the fact that we have drifted into the circumstances that our economy is in brings to mind a letter to the editor I wrote about six years ago concerning the trends and the times and how much we lack in living our lives in moderation and how extremely over we are in our modern standard of living through lack of restraint in controlling our harmful and wasteful habits.

This drifting of the economy from plenty of everything to a stalemate of economic problems where the government is having to take over. In this case, is that what we want? It could take us into many areas of oppression and losing our freedom. Accepting a lower standard of living and relying on our own resourcefulness might be the answer.

We overuse and depend on automobiles, many people over eat and drink and become overweight. Overpopulation runs rampant due to uncontrolled sex habits. Overextension of government and its spending have us trapped in the biggest deficit ever! Overgrowth of crime is beyond comprehension and tolerance. Over use of drugs and over production of firearms are compatible with crime.

Couldn't some of these harmful "overages" be corrected in our educational institutions by teaching as a subject "Moderation and more Responsible Attitudes Toward Life"?

It appears that much is taken for granted in everyday living to the point of creating false attitudes. We even overuse our time to slow up and smell the roses?

If our indulgences are under the guise of progress what we need is some retrogression perhaps?

We need much praying for the tools that bring peace for better days ahead.

Esther Schroer