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Letter: Share ideas for making state more efficient

Our next legislative session will be starting soon, and before I head back down to St. Paul, I want to hear from you. Gov. Dayton is referring to this next session as an “unsession” where we can look for ways to make state government more efficient. Even when we’re on track to have a $1 billion budget surplus, there are always ways to make things more efficient and cost-effective.

That’s why I need your suggestions. What changes would you like to see? Have you run into any processes that could be done more simply? Even small changes can help make our lives a bit easier and add up to significant savings of taxpayer dollars.

So over the next month, I want you to contact me with your ideas. My job is to represent your interests in the Capitol and the best way I can do that is through listening to your concerns and finding ways to address them. I hope you’ll contact me by email ( or by calling my office (651-296-4265). I look forward to hearing from you.

Roger Erickson

State Representative District 2A