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Make the beavers the BREC's official mascot

This is about the issue of the beaver. I thought the same thing as the others about how 20 people can influence this city manager. He should have taken this to the City Council first.

My personal opinion is that I have thought very strongly on this subject. I think that with all the money the city has spent on our skating rink that maybe the city should not have let one person spend $85,000 on paintings for the walls of the BREC. I've just come back from vacation and was up in Lake Placid, N.Y. Would you all like to know that our U.S. hockey team beat the Russian team on an open rink on grass?

I think that the city should buy all the beavers we have on the street corner and put them around in the BREC. They could be used as the university mascots. Then give that $85,000 for the tribute to the Science Center.

Also, I called Jerry Downs, my council member, about this lady who lives across the street from the guy who had chickens last year. She made that stink and now she has turkeys. I asked Jerry and he said he called the city manager and he has never done anything as she still has turkeys in her yard as of tonight.

Ron Hayes