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Logging in county parks disturbs park enthusiasts

I've had several calls about the recent timber cutting in the Movil Maze and was glad to see Ms. Kisler's letter to the editor concerning this cut. We have experienced the same cutting in the west end of Three Island County Park and I doubt very much if anyone other than the immediate neighbors are aware of what was cut there. Similar cutting is planned for the east end of the park where the ski and snowmobile trails will allow many more people to see how the cutting is handled.

Mr. Snyder, Beltrami County Natural Resource manager, in the Bemidji Pioneer Sept. 23 County Board article refers to these cuts as "selective cutting" but commercial harvesting is not selective cutting. You cannot run gigantic D-8 logging machines through a forest and leave many young trees 6-inches in diameter! County Administrator, Murphy "urged" Mr. Snyder to work on regeneration. Regeneration is not written into the current Project Planning and Instruction Plan and forester, Mr. Pietruszewski, has said regeneration would be "too expensive."

When cutting gets going on the east end of Three Island County Park and the skiers and snowmobilers see what is being done to this premier county park that was deeded to all of us for recreation and education, it will be too late.

I am extremely saddened that neither our county commissioners nor county-appointed Parks and Trails Committee cared enough to prevent this from happening. As Mr. Snyder said, "The county lost 25 percent of the timber he could have sold by waiting 15 years to cut it." But it could've been selectively cut in those 15 years, the jack pine removed before it was blown down, and the welcome development of the picnic grounds, fish ladder and bridge decking projects accomplished for a fraction of today's cost.

If this park cutting concerns you, please contact your county commissioner. Many small voices do count!

Judy Dvorak