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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

4-H program instills a work ethic in our children

Yesterday, in talking with my friends up here in Blackduck, I found out an interesting bit of information. Last week the 4-H club members went to the County Board to protest the lack of funding for their programs which benefit the entire county's youth. This program instills a work ethic in our children and most of us have fond memories of time spent in 4-H. Very few of us had a chance to be on Bemidji's elite swim team.

These 4-H'ers spend many hours doing projects that we all enjoy viewing at our County Fair. In fact what would the fair be without them? Why then is the gate admission fee going to the Bemidji swim team and not the whole county 4-H.

Please I would be interested in hearing how our commissioners and Fair Board have allowed this. Jennifer Lamberson


EDITOR'S NOTE: Members of the swim team handle the parking duties during the County Fair.