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Fading Chief Bemidji is merely a caption at best

I was a bit curious as to why so much time, publicity, money and effort can be put forth to maintain the condition of Paul and Babe, and yet, Chief Bemidji is covered in filth while his paint is a bit chipped and faded? I also find it odd that they are a part of the town logo while our town's namesake is merely a caption at best.

I have to admit, as a child I witnessed a great deal of racial tension and outbursts toward my relatives. I was very naive at that time. Now as an adult, just recently having my first child, I have a better grasp of such things. And I encounter it regularly to one extent or another. Such as being told to hurry up on a golf course after I had just waited at least twice the amount of time for others to play through. Or being told that a line is formed elsewhere than where I am standing and to move to the end. Followed by watching the few people behind where I just moved from receive service before even the people then in front of me in this line.

I find such things very disheartening, and am beginning to grow weary of such inappropriate behaviors. I see representations of Native Pride being merely a product of our culture being displayed as a tourist attraction. A gimmick.

I fear that my son will grow to experience these same disappointments. I see that this may well be inevitable. I see Chief Bemidji falling apart, covered in filth and fading.

Dean Allan Gale