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The Farm looks to produce for heroes

The Farm will perform Friday night at The Sanford Center in Bemidji. (photo:

BEMIDJI — Local organizers hope the harvest from a local Farm project is plentiful this week.

Country act The Farm will be performing a concert at 8 p.m. Friday at the Sanford Center Ballroom, and all proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Homes for Heroes of Bemidji.

The Farm has two songs getting radio airplay, “Be Grateful,” and “Home Sweet Home,” also has some roots in Minnesota.

“Nick Hoffman, who is one of the lead singers (of The Farm) is a family friend of mine,” said Jen Martinson, who works with Homes for Heroes here and helped put together the event. “That is how I got into the idea of getting The Farm to come. There was a brainstorm that we needed to get the info out to the public about Homes for Heroes and I thought, what better way to do it,”

Hoffman, who plays fiddle and is a vocalist for The Farm, hails from a small town north of the Twin Cities.

“I grew up in a little town called Nowthen … I grew up on a little farm there and I started playing fiddle when I was 4-years-old,” Hoffman said. “My grandparents were both musicians; my grandfather was a violinist and my grandma was a piano player. And they kind of brought me into the fiddle playing world. They ran fiddle contests all over the state, so naturally I just started gravitating toward the fiddle.”

From that initial meeting to setting a date for the show took relatively little time.

“I called the Sanford Center and asked who I needed to speak to (about the event) and they put me through to Curtis (Webb, executive director of the Sanford Center) and told him what I wanted to do,” Martinson said. “And he said ‘Absolutely, we got your back, what do we need to do?’ So it really was simple.

“By the time we got a hold of a booking agent and then got all the contacts and got everything signed, it was about a two-month process by the time it was all said and done.”

For Hoffman, being able to give back to heroes is the reason they decided to perform in Bemidji.

“The biggest reason we’re excited about it (the show) is because it’s such a great cause,” Hoffman said. “Especially nowadays, any way we can give back to our heroes is worthwhile. And to be able to do it in my home state is nothing short of an honor.”

People should expect a unique experience at the show, according to Hoffman.

“We call our show ‘The Farm Party.’ Because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a high energy, high intensity show. And Damien (Horne), Krista (Marie) and I are so definitively different, both musically and personally that we all bring something to the table,” Hoffman said. “The chemistry when you put those three people together is pretty electric. And you never know what you’re going to get. Our shows end up with back flips and burning fiddles. It’s high intensity, very musical thing you gotta see to understand. We hope everyone comes out to support the cause.”

Homes for Heroes is a organization that affiliates with Realtors, lenders and other real estate-related service providers who offer substantial rebates and discounts to “heroes who serve the nation and its communities every day.” Heroes include military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers and others who help in the community, the organization said.

Tickets are $26, and additional fees may apply. The show is general admission.

Kent Dudley & Bended Knee will be opening the show.

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