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MLB, teams taking students to see film '42'

In this photo taken April 11, 2013, Alabama native and actor Linc Hand, right, poses for pictures with Birmingham, Ala., Mayor William Bell at a screening of the Jackie Robinson movie "42" in Birmingham, Ala. Hand plays Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Fritz Ostermueller in the film. Some of the scenes in the movie were filmed in Birmingham. (AP Photo/, Tamika Moore) Copyright 2013, The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Major League Baseball and its 30 teams plan to take thousands of teenagers to see the Jackie Robinson film "42."

MLB announced the movie outing Monday.

Teams will chose students from the eighth grade to the 12th grade in the United States and Canada for private screenings in their cities. Commissioner Bud Selig will host the first showing Tuesday in Milwaukee along with Sharon Robinson, daughter of the player who broke baseball's color barrier in 1947.

Selig says the movie depicts the proudest moment in baseball history. He says the film can help "educate our next generation about Jackie Robinson's vital impact on our nation."

The movie "42" led the domestic box office earlier this month after its opening weekend, 66 years after Robinson's debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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