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Shyanne is shy no longer

Shyanne Kaml will perform at a CD release party Sept. 9 at the Bemidji Eagles Club. She got her start at the Minnesota State Fair five years ago, winning first place in a talent contest.1 / 2
Shyanne Kaml has recorded her music at Gary Burger’s studio in Turtle River. “Shyanne is very aggressive about going to places and singing,” says Burger.2 / 2

By Delaney Daly, Pioneer Staff Writer

BEMIDJI – Shyanne Kaml made her singing debut at the Minnesota State Fair five years ago.

Since then, the young Bemidji artist has been working to overcome the natural anxiety that comes along with performing.

“I had to get over that really fast,” says Shyanne, who will celebrate a release party for her first CD, “Confess,” during a concert Sept. 9 at the Eagles Club.

The concert begins at 4 p.m. with fellow performer Sonny Johnson opening. Shyanne will begin playing at 4:30, accompanied by the Smokehouse Band.

Her nervousness has since gone, as Shyanne has played countless concerts, contests and fairs.

“We noticed when she was young that she had a gift for singing, but she used to be so shy,” says her mother, Kim.

Shyanne and her family remember her first time performing.

“The State Fair is the first place I played; I loved it,” Shyanne says.

Her mother added, “She won first place that night.”

Shyanne has now played there the past five years.

Her first CD features 12 tracks, 10 of which are original music, and was produced after a year-long collaboration between Shyanne and Gary Burger, a Turtle River musician and producer.

Three months ago, Shyanne was awarded with a grant to be a part of Artist Mentor Program, allowing her to choose a community mentor to aid in her own musical progression.

The Artist Mentor Program exists on behalf of the Region 2 Arts Council.

Gary says that now he and Shyanne are working independently.

 “They kind of chose each other,” says Kim Kaml, adding that Burger also “has a passion for music.”

Burger, who used to play in the ’60s punk band, “The Monks,” says his mentee is “great fun.”

“Shyanne is very aggressive about going to places and singing,” he says.

Along with singing, Shyanne, plays piano, guitar, and writes her own songs.

While she has had more experience in her piano playing, “Guitar is where I song-write,” Shyanne says.

“She’s writing a lot. Her material is getting better, along with her voice,” Burger says.

Invoking country-pop harmonies and backed up by the musical talents of the Smokehouse Band, “Confess” proves to be a toe-tapping compilation of ballads and summery serenades.

Shyanne will be performing every song from the album, as well as her more recent material.

Members of the Smokehouse Band are Randy Bauer, Eli Davis, A.J. Waters and Drew Thompson.

“It will be a good night,” Burger says.

“She’s a busy girl, she’s taking every chance she can get,” Kim Kaml says. “It’s her dream.”