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Moondance Love: Couple celebrates one year of marriage at the place where it all started

Mitch and Holly Fischer met at last year's Moondance Jam near Walker. The couple, who live in Fargo, are celebrating their honeymoon at this year's music festival, which opened with concerts Thursday and runs through Saturday. TAMMIE RICHTER | BEMIDJI PIONEER

WALKER -- A rock concert may seem like an odd place to find love, but for Mitch and Holly Fischer, the 2011 Moondance Jam was where the two fell in love before eventually getting married.

"Moondance and the Stone Temple Pilots is where we started to fall in love," Holly Fischer said. "That was the last night of Moondance last year and it was great, and it has been great ever since."

For Holly, last year's Moondance Jam was her first. Her friends Julie Lien and Kay Braton had pressured her into going for several years before she finally agreed to go, and she is glad she did.

Mitch Fischer just happened to be parked across from Lien at the festival, setting the stage for him to meet Holly.

The two continued dating, and got married on June 16, on their 11-month anniversary. This weekend, they are celebrating one month of marriage while spending their honeymoon back at Moondance Jam.

Holly is a graduate of Dilworth (Minn.) High School and Mitch is from Glyndon, Minn. Fischer said the two schools are rivals, so the two knew a lot of the same people before they even knew each other.

"The stories don't lie," Fischer said. "I am a little older and I have been married once, but I had never been in love before. I thought all the stories lied, but they don't."