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Kramin turns into an everyday author

Former Bemidji business-owner-turned-author June Kramin is shown with her friend DeeJay Arens at the Bemidji Library Book Festival Author Fair. PATT RALL | BEMIDJI PIONEER

BEMIDJI - June Kramin admits that it took her until age 40 to sit down and write "my first anything."

"My third-grade teacher and another teacher in my junior year of high school told me that I would be a writer someday," said Kramin, who consented to an on-the-spot interview during the Authors Fair last week. Her friend, DeeJay Arens, agreed to stay by her table and greet visitors and buyers of Kramin's adult and middle-grade fantasy books.

Kramin, the former owner of Cyber Bugs Paradise Café and Coffee Hut Drive-Through, now lives in Renville, Minn., with her husband, daughter and son.

Kramin's first book was a story about her daughter, Valerie, and her friend Samantha, the duo of double trouble. That publication was so successful that Kramin turned it into a series of middle-grade-novels.

Kramin has published the "Before Happily Ever After" series of middle-grade novels under the pen name of Ann T. Buggs with the illustration assistance of her ninth-grade daughter. Both are proud to announce that "Into the Forest and Down the Tower," the second book in the series by Writers Amuse Me Publishing, has been nominated in the children's fiction category of the Independent Book Publishers Awards 2012.

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Kramin's women's fiction was first published by Champagne Books in Canada.

"I used writing women's fiction for closure on a personal event," said Kramin. "There are three novels published now on e-books. I have no idea where the book is going when I start. You know your characters just take shape and then they take over."

Kramin writes every day, except weekends, which are kept for family time. She re-reads the last paragraph of what she wrote the day before and starts again.

"Women's fiction has five heat levels," said Kramin. "Mine are about a three; they are definitely for 18 and up because there is some language but no erotica. Guys even like my books. 'Come and Talk to Me' is a real tearjerker."

Kramin has also published a time travel romance, "Dustin Time," with the sequel coming out in September. Her thriller, "Hunter's Find," about an FBI agent will soon be followed by a sequel.

A prolific writer, Kramin also works at a print shop in Redwood Falls and admits that belonging to a writer's forum has been invaluable for her career.