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Movie filmed in Bemidji available on Amazon

Roy C. Booth, director, co-producer and co-writer of the film "The Day Lufberry Won It All," works with actors Andor Lofthus, left, and Kevin Cease, right, at the Ken N Cork during filming of the movie, which has been released on Mitch Berntson, director of photography, is in the background. The movie was filmed entirely in Bemidji. Photo courtesy Cynthia Booth

"The Day Lufberry Won It All," adapted from the acclaimed dark science fiction short story by R. Thomas Riley and filmed entirely in Bemidji, was released Aug. 12 on

The 23-minute film, which stars Andor Lofthus, Andy Browers and Kevin Cease, was written by Roy C. Booth of Bemidji and John F. Mollard, directed by Booth and produced by Booth and Riley. Mitch Bernston is the director of photography.

From the film's description:

"In a not-so-distant, dystopian future, a young man walks into a bar hoping to hustle someone at a game of pool. When he takes on an odd bet for his immortal soul from a kid over a simple game of pool, will he walk away with the kid's ultimate prize? Or will he walk away with nothing...or something worse?"