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Sidlin to produce Holocaust documentary

Murry Sidlin is partnering with Partisan Pictures of New York City to produce a Terezin film documentary, which will feature a full performance of the piece at the original site in the Czech Republic.

Attendees at his talk Thursday at the Bemidji Public Library were shown a short clip of the forthcoming film, which is now in full production. The film covers the two-years that Schaechter was at Terezin before being sent to a death camp. At the behest of Terezin survivors, Hana and Edgar Krasa, other survivors have come forth to verify and vouch for the truthfulness of the conditions at Terezin. The Nazis used Terezin in propaganda films to show the world that being in a concentration camp was not at all difficult for the people. The International Red Cross also was complicit in this hoax, according to Sidlin.

Although the first two commandants at the camp forbade cultural activities, Commandant Rahm allowed them as long as they did not disturb the general atmosphere or cause a disturbance among the other prisoners.

Sidlin went on to say that grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, and not their children, who insisted that their grandparents tell their stories. Much of what is written today started in the 1990s.