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Lorie Line: Show to focus on family-friendly entertaiment

Lori Line will perform her holiday show Thursday, No. 12, at Bemidji High School Auditorium. Submitted Photo

Lorie Line says she's returning to her roots, playing for the folks.

This year, Bemidji will be one of the 44 cities to welcome her new holiday show, slimmed down and folksy, for her 20th anniversary.

The show, "An Intimate Christmas with Lorie Line," will open at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12, in the Bemidji High School auditorium. Tickets are being sold online at

Line said that the photo shows "day to day who she is. Last summer I spent three days playing at the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville."

This is the first time Bemidji will host one of her holiday shows. She said she is looking forward to presenting this all-new, simplified, smaller orchestra ensemble, family-friendly production featuring fashions from designers all over the world.

"The economic downturn has greatly impacted the entertainment business, so I have reduced the ticket price and overhead so that we could still bring this beautiful, traditional family show to our audiences," said Line.

Line plans to continue what she believes is "the most popular part of the show," shout-outs from the audience. She said she will keep taking audience requests until she fills up the page with suggestions. Then she will play, on the spot and from memory, a medley of approximately 30 songs.

Also this year, an added attraction will be the chance for youngsters - ages 4 and older - to come up on the stage and be a part of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." She encouraged parents and grandparents to remember to bring their cameras because Santa (Tim Line) will be on stage for picture taking.

Line plays about 150 concerts each year. Some of them include charitable events where she will appear as the "surprise entertainer." Some of this year's events include a fundraiser for Mercy Hospital in Eau Claire and Charity House in Minnesota.