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Wrong candidate reported in council race

During the fall of 2008 I had the privilege of running for a seat on the Bemidji City Council to represent Ward 5. Although the election did not turn out as I had hoped, losing by 28 votes, the campaigning, meeting and talking with fellow residents was one of the great experiences of my life.

Imagine my surprise upon reading the Sunday Pioneer to discover that this had apparently never occurred, was a figment of my imaginastion, and that in reality it was Nancy Erickson who had run against and been defeated by

Mr. Greg Negard.

While I am a supporter of Ms. Erickson and, based on past experience, believe she would be a strong advocate for the residents of Ward 5, I am hoping that the Pioneer can confirm my memories that it was me and not her who ran for Ward 5 councilor in 2008.


Editor’s note: Mr. Witt is correct. The Pioneer erred in its reporting of the Ward 5 council race in the Voter’s Guide that was published Sunday.