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Women's curling: USA falls to 3-3 at World Championships

ST. JOHN, New Brunswick -- The Allison Pottinger rink, which includes Natalie Nicholson of Bemidji, fell 8-5 to Russia in Tuesday’s afternoon round when Pottinger's hammer in the 10th end was unable to replace Russia's stone near the button.

Tuesday’s setback dropped USA to 3-3 while Russia improved to 5-2.

"Three losses probably isn't going to get you out so we just have to stay positive," Nicholson, who played in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, told USA Curling. "We just need to fine-tune things. Coming forward we have to stay positive and confident. We know we're a good team and that we belong here. The biggest thing is not to think about the three losses. That won't do any good."

The game was close throughout with the score tied three times. After holding Russia to a single in the ninth end, however, the 10th end quickly unraveled for the United States.

"We just still struggle with brooming and icing. I think in that game, toward the end, I felt a time crunch. But, you know, we had time to finish it off, obviously," Nicholson said. "We just didn't make enough shots in that last end. Nic (Nicole Jaranson) and I had back-to-back misses and Allison didn't really have much."

A missed peel coupled with a missed takeout put the USA in a perilous position in the 10th end as it sought to set up a deuce for the win. Pottinger's angle raise narrowly missed taking out two stones with her first rock and Russia was sitting three. Russia placed a fourth stone into the rings with its final rock. USA had the option to draw to the side of the button on one side or attempt a difficult in-off on the opposite side to move a Russian stone out of the way and spill the American rock into the four-foot for the win. The USA opted for the in-off shot and it didn't go as planned as Russia ended up stealing two points for the win.

"I didn't slide that great but the routine just gets quickened up a little bit. We had less than seven minutes to play that end," Nicholson said about her missed peel in the 10th. "I know better to make sure I settle in and make a professional adjustment in terms of giving yourself enough time. It's just a bummer."

In Tuesday’s late draw USA met Switzerland.

Wednesday’s schedule sees USA facing the Czech Republic in the morning round and Latvia in the evening session.

USA Mixed Nationals

In the USA Mixed National tournament held in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., the Minnesota rink was 3-2 heading into Tuesday’s late game against Oregon.

The Minnesota rink includes Bemidji curlers Randy Baird (skip), Hope Baird (vice-skip), Chase Schmidt (second) and Sarah Lehman (lead).

Minnesota opened the tournament with an 11-4 victory over Ohio but lost 7-2 to Colorado in its second game. The team won its next two outings, 11-4 over California and 11-4 over New York, but in Monday’s late round it fell 8-5 to North Dakota.

In today’s morning draw Minnesota will tangle with Wisconsin.

Washington and Wisconsin shared the lead with 4-0 records prior to Tuesday’s late draw. Minnesota was sixth with a 3-2 record.

Women’s Curling

World Championships

St. John, New Brunswick


Sweden 6-1, Canada 5-1, Switzerland 5-1, Korea 5-2, Russia 5-2, China 4-2, USA 3-3, Scotland 2-4, Denmark 1-5, Germany 1-5, Latvia 1-6, Czech 0-6

Round Robin Results

Monday’s Games

Draw 6: China 8, Korea 6; Sweden 8, USA 5; Switzerland 8, Latvia 2; Russia 7, Germany 3

Draw 7: Sweden 10, Latvia 3; Canada 8, Denmark 2; Korea 6, Russia 5; Scotland 6, Czech 4

Draw 8: Canada 9, USA 8; China 8, Scotland 7; Germany 8, Czech 5; Switzerland 7, Denmark 3

Tuesday’s Games

Draw 9: Russia 10, Scotland 4; Korea 8, Czech 5; Sweden 7, Denmark 2; Canada 8, Latvia 4

Draw 10: Korea 9, Switzerland 2; Sweden 11, Germany 4; China 9, Latvia 5; Russia 8, USA 5

Draw 11: Denmark vs. Czech; Switzerland vs. USA; Canada vs. Scotland; China vs. Germany

Wednesday’s Games

Draw 12: Canada vs. Germany; China vs. Denmark; USA vs. Czech; Switzerland vs. Scotland

Draw 13: Scotland vs. Sweden; Czech vs. Latvia; Russia vs. Denmark; Canada vs. Korea

Draw 14: China vs. Russia; Germany vs. Korea; Sweden vs. Switzerland; USA vs. Latvia

USA Mixed Championships


Washington 4-0, Wisconsin 4-0, Illinois 4-1, Colorado 4-2, North Dakota 3-1, Minnesota 3-2, Ohio 1-4, New York 1-4, Oregon 1-5, California 0-6

Monday’s Games

Draw 5: Illinois 7, Oregon 3; Ohio 13, California 5; Washington 9, Colorado 5; Minnesota 11, New York 4

Draw 6: North Dakota 7, Minnesota 5; Wisconsin 13, New York 4; Oregon 8, California 6; Illinois 7, Colorado 4

Tuesday’s Games

Draw 7: Colorado 9, Ohio 4; Illinois 12, California 4; Washington 6, North Dakota 4; New York 8, Oregon 5

Draw 8: California vs. New York; Minnesota vs. Oregon; Colorado vs. Wisconsin; Ohio vs. North Dakota

Wednesday’s Games

Draw 9: North Dakota vs. Oregon; New York vs. Washington; Ohio vs. Illinois; Wisconsin vs. Minnesota

Draw 10: Illinois vs. vs. Washington; California vs. Colorado; Wisconsin vs. North Dakota; New York vs. Ohio