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Wolf hunt is morally corrupt trophy sport

Why a wolf hunt? It’s not because the wolf population is exploding and we need to “control” the wolves. No, the wolf population of less than 3,000 has remained stable, unchanged, for over 10 years, even while protected.

It’s not because wolves are killing all the deer and we need to manage the wolf so there will continue to be a thriving deer population. The predatory relationship in nature has worked quite effectively over thousands of years, with natural fluctuations of abundance and scarcity.

Let’s be clear. This is a trophy hunt for people who want pelts and something new to shoot. The wolf will not be killed for meat, but because it is the wolf. It is a trophy. The only reason for the hunt according to wolf experts is that there are enough wolves to allow the hunt to let off pent-up pressure to kill wolves. The experts say that the hunt is for social purposes. That is, for the amusement of a small group of individuals who want to experience the thrill of killing Minnesota’s most magnificent and enigmatic creature. I intend to hold my elected officials accountable for their votes on this morally corrupt hunt.

Some points for you and your readers:

 - The wolf hunt and trapping season is legally at the discretion of the DNR and is not mandated by law.

- The DNR has set up not one, but two seasons on the wolf. The first season starts Nov. 3.

- 7,300 people voted to oppose the wolf hunt in the DNR Survey, yet they are going ahead with it undeterred.

-  Trapping is a brutal practice that inflicts severe pain on a wolf.

If you oppose the wolf hunt, contact and lend your voice.

Joanna Dymond