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Why wasn't a non-lethal measure used on bear?

I wanted to respond to the small piece about the bear shot. I happen to live on Wood Avenue Southeast where the bear cub was killed on Aug. 10.

It was in a tree outside our house when the Bemidji police took its life. I would simply like to add that there were very few people around at the time and no one was harassing or following the bear which was the reason given for taking such lethal measures by the police.

I find it very disturbing that there were live shotgun rounds fired outside my home without any warning to my wife, my 2-year-old daughter, or my 10-month-old son. Not only to make sure that no one was hurt but also to make sure no innocent eyes saw the act of shooting a small bear cub.

I also find myself wondering why, for the sake of the animal, a tranquilizer gun or other non-lethal measures, were not used. I believe this situation was handled very poorly and that there needs to be accountability for mishandled situations such as these.

Matthew Houle