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Why do three DFLers still chase Pawlenty?

When you hear and see all the DFL candidates for governor you assume that Pawlenty is still in the process of running for governor.

They have spent millions running down Pawlenty and how they beat him at something or bested him, by getting the DFL Legislature to defeat one of his measures.

This is one of the strangest campaigns in history. They talk about taxing the rich. The rich are the people who supply the jobs in this state. Look at all the businesses that have left the state, and I know of another big business that is planning on moving to Mexico or another state with less taxes.

One of the candidates left Washington when the warnings come out that there may be trouble on Capitol Hill. Now that is the kind of person we need as the leader of this state.

I have not heard one candidate saying what they plan for the coming years except taxing the rich. It is the same old same old.

Look at our immigration issues here in Minnesota. Look at our welfare system here in Minnesota, look at the unwed mothers we do not sue their children's father because welfare supplies more money and benefits than the child's father would be required to pay. Why do the tax payers need to supply cell phones free to welfare recipients? I would like the candidates to address some of these questions.

Jack Spangenburg