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Why do people line up to defend big oil?

I would like to respond to Don Drusch’s letter (Oct. 21). It is well thought out and very well written. It is unfortunate that it is also very misinformed. Clean coal is a myth, like unicorns and leprechauns. There is no way to make coal clean, you cannot make the mining of it clean and while you can capture the carbon, then what, you dump it where? Any place you dump carbon it is a form of pollution, and will do damage.

There is a clean electrical source that can be up all the time, and that is geo-thermal. Not only is it proven, industry insiders believe it can generate more than just base load. Study after study has shown that it can meet and exceed our needs for now and the future.

I would like to take this a step further and say that we should change building code to require solar and wind on every new home and even push geo-thermal heating and cooling. Not only would all of this end the need for coal and gas it would provide redundancy.

As for the economics of this, yes people would lose their jobs, but many more jobs would be created. When it comes down to it which it more important, health or money? How anyone who lives today can argue about the economic losses of shifting technologies is beyond me. The first automated cotton picker put people out of work, the first robotic arm put millions of people out of work and we can still see this happening today the cell phone is putting telephone line workers out of work. Does anyone argue that we should stop using these technologies? No.

Why people line up to defend big oil and coal I will never understand. Maybe it’s those nice ads that talk about us being in this together and so on. The reality is if you think for yourself and look at the numbers, research the technologies in play and do to raw math you will see not only is it better to change but we need to make the change unless you like very expensive and limited energy. The only way to affordable and abundant energy is renewable.