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White people were the first illegal immigrants

I agree with Mr. Dyrland of Hines about illegal immigrants, except let's do this one better. Let's get rid of all illegal immigrants who cannot trace their roots back 650 years. I also spend time in Arizona in the winter. The sheriff is under investigation by the FBI and by the federal attorney general for racial profiling. Mr. Dyrland seems to forget who the real illegal immigrants are, they are the pioneer settlers. Immigrants who stole this country from the natives, as well as places like Hawaii, North and South America, The Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

It seems the white race forced these countries to speak their language. The white race has attacked every country where minorities lived in this world to take their land. The white race has stolen every type of wealth; gold, copper, silver, iron ore, timber, coal, land. The white race put natives on reservations and even stole most of the land on them. For example, Leech Lake Reservation owns less than 5 percent of the total reservation. The rest was stolen.

So Mr. Dyrland, it seems like illegal aliens like you do have it made here. As for Latinos not paying taxes, immigrants from foreign countries pay no taxes for five years. Why no Hispanics in this country? We import Somalis who were pirates and terrorists like in the true story of Black Hawk Down. The real reason for no more Hispanics in this country is that the white race will be a minority in about 10-15 years.

As for racism, look at TV, movies, commercials; there are no Hispanics or native people. There is not one TV show for Hispanics or natives across the U.S. Explain.

Legal Hispanics are the largest minority in the U.S. The U.S. is the only country in the world who believes that native peoples have rights. All other countries have stated native people have rights and wrongs were committed.

H. Jim Chase