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We shouldn't promote a gay lifestyle

I am writing in response to the article on June 23 featuring Bemidji native Jon Staff, who is fighting the proposed ban on gay marriage. It saddens me that the article made him out to be a hometown hero and that he was fighting for a wonderful cause.

I would like to remind Americans what the United States of America was founded upon. If one does the research he would find that this country and its foundational documents were founded upon Christian beliefs. Our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., is filled with proof in the monuments, museums and documents that the founding fathers of this great country held these Christian beliefs. Our currency claims that it is "In God We Trust."

The gay community has pushed the agenda that they are discriminated against and have no choice in the matter - they are deceived. I do not believe that God created men and women to be intimate with someone of their own gender.

Statistically, the destruction that comes from this lifestyle includes an increase in physical ailments, having a higher suicide rate than heterosexuals, and more pedophiles come from this civil sect than any other sect. I have seen children raised in homes with lesbian or gay caretakers - talk about confused. These young people have no idea of roles, proper behavior and gender identity. The truth about this lifestyle is that it is destructive and unhealthy. Shouldn't we be discouraging it instead of promoting it in our young people?

Your article came across that this is how the majority believes. I have questioned, "How did America get so far from its roots?" Christian beliefs, marriage between a man and woman only, anti-abortion, etc., are now taboo instead of the norm. We have strayed so far because Christians, like me, sit back and let articles like this one go unchallenged. It is time for us to stand up and say, "Not everyone has this liberal ideology." This is a Christian country - one nation under God.

I do believe in the freedom that America allows us to choose our own path. I do not have a problem with a person who is gay. It is when this is promoted to my children through the media that I feel compelled to say "enough." I want to exercise my right to say that I am tired of this lifestyle being promoted as alluring and attractive.

Dawni O'Bryan